Solar Control

Solar Control Films

Solarshade solar films are specifically designed to combat the following common problems associated with the suns rays.

Temperature Control

Interiors can heat to uncomfortable temperatures or sometimes can be too cool. Window films overcome these extremes and maintain a pleasant environment.

Mirrored Glass.

Alleviate Glare

Strong light can be a big problem, especially for screen users. Window films safeguard against tiredness, eye strain and low productivity, eliminating the need to close curtains or blinds.

Energy Efficiency

Window films reduce the need for expensive heating and air conditioning systems with potentially significant cost savings and reducing your carbon footprint.

Conservatory Shading

The increase in the popularity of conservatories has highlighted the problem of excess heat gain through roof glazing. Solar control films can be applied to reflect away from unwanted heat and glare.

Coolkote is our solar coating specially suited to conservatories or industrial premises with large areas of glazing and can reduce daytime temperatures.

  • For use on polycarbonate or glass.
  • Unique high performance metalized PVC coating (Patent Pending)
  • Ultra Violet barrier – helps prevent fading and sun damage to furnishings.
  • Less expensive and effective than blinds.
  • Reduces glare – to add even more to your comfort.
  • Clean and quick installation with a minimum amount of disruption and no maintenance.
  • 5 year warranty.

Tinted Glass.