Safety and Security

Each year there are in excess of 35,000 accidents relating to glass, and your company could be held responsible for any accidents that happen in the workplace. It is a legal requirement that safety glazing must be used where vulnerable glass is situated in public or working areas, ie up to waist height in glazed screens and shoulder height in all doors.

An installation of Solarshade safety film CLX400SR onto the glass is an acceptable method of upgrading your glazing to comply with building regulations BS6206B

Promoting Safety

Glass safety films are a means of complying with current regulations. In the event of damage, the film holds the glass together and prevents flying fragments from inflicting injury.

Class ‘A’ Security Films

Class ‘A’ Security Films ensure that damage from vandalism or explosion is minimalised as the glass stays in one piece if shattered.

Solarshade Mirrored Silver Safety Film

Creating a one way mirror finish to improve security (light levels to be greater on the side requiring the mirror) along with shatter resistance. This is a popular film accomplishing an all round solution.