Glass Manifestation Logos & Window Graphics

Glass manifestation film products are for upgrading glazing in accordance with Health and Safety recommendations which advocate the marking of large uninterrupted areas, such as showrooms.
Specifically, the workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, Regulation 14 states that:

“Every window or other translucent surface in a wall or partition…door or gate shall, where necessary for reasons of health safety…be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as in either case to make it apparent.”

Manifestation marking can take the form of dots, squares, stripes etc or bespoke designs repeated at appropriate intervals or heights.

Current regulations requires two rows
One applied between 850mm x 1000mm high from floor level
The second between 1400mm x 1600mm high from floor level


Window Film Graphics and Logos

Window Films can also be used to produce personalised window graphics for long term or temporary application to glass.

Company logos can be used repeatedly to reinforce a corporate identity programme or for manifestation of large glazed panels.

The logo or design can be made in the appropriate film (eg acid etch effect) and applied to plain glass or alternatively reverse cut out of a filmed panel.

Installation by professionals:
Solarshade Window Films are available on a supply and fix basis by our fully trained installers who will carry out your installation quickly and efficiently with little or no disruption to your routine.