Welcome To Solarshade Window Films

As a leading Window Film supplier in the United Kingdom, we have over twenty-five years experience in applying Solar Control Films, Safety/ Security Films and Window Graphics to glazing such as yours.

Included in our comprehensive range are reflective window treatments to reduce uncomfortable heat and glare, clear security films to hold glass together in the event of an impact, accident or explosion as well as films for decorative graphic or privacy applications.

If there are windows in your premises that you would like a quotation for, please call or email us. We will gladly survey the glazing and submit samples with our no obligation quotation for your approval.

Solar Control Firm

Solarshade solar films are specifically designed to combat the following common problems associated with the suns rays.

Safety and Security Films

To prevent damage and injury by holding together glass in the event of an impact or explosion (and meet with safety standards)

Privacy Films

Patterned or frosted films can be fitted to create privacy without spoiling a stylish environment.

Manifestation Films

To break up large expanses of glazing by making them apparent to users.

Solar Control
Anti Shatter
Manifestation Films
Privacy Films
Graphics Films

What are window films?

Windows are an integral and welcome feature of buildings, whatever their age. But there can be negative consequences associated with glass. These include temperature extremes, loss of energy, glare, fading of furnishings, privacy, plus of course safety issues.

Window films are the simplest and most economical way to combat these other problem, whilst at the same time enhancing the benefits of glass.

Conservatory Cooling

If your conservatory is getting too hot or uncomfortable during the summer months then maybe our range of Solar Control films will be able to help. As our films reject a large percentage of the Sun’s energy from actually coming into the conservatory in the first place it is much easier to maintain comfortable temperatures all year round.

As a company we have treated hundreds of Conservatories over our 29 years of trading, and we are confident of the results that can be achieved.